Gifts: The Return (Cheetah Girls Basketball)

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Gifts: The Return carries the Oro Hills girls through their senior year. As juniors, under the direction of Coach Morgan Summitt, they achieved beyond their wildest dreams. Led by the talented and fiercely competitive Molly Rascon, the Miners advanced to the State playoffs. Gifts continues this improbable journey, although their old coach won’t be will them. His place will be filled by Gloria Fawkes, the junior varsity coach. The team’s success rides on the shoulders of Molly, her warrior teammate, Bianca Acero, and the sharp-shooting Izzy Soto. Love and friendships are the fuel, basketball is the conveyance, and a determined point guard is the engineer. The Oro Hills girls, no longer “Miner Girls” but Cheetahs, have learned not to yield under the most challenging circumstances. Gifts is serious basketball–but much, much more.

Coaches of every sport can identify with the bonds that develop when a team needs to look inward to achieve its goals and unite with a single purpose into a forever family. Former players will remember the long hours they put in to overcome significant obstacles and achieve success. Molly, Bianca, Izzy and their teammates capture readers’ hearts, reminding both current and former coaches and players how high school sports can embolden and kindle–and provide a path forward.

Gifts: The Return (Cheetah Girls Basketball)
Gifts: The Return (Cheetah Girls Basketball)


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