Roto VR Motorized Interactive Gaming Chair – Fully Immersive Technology – Auto Turns Where You Look – Ergonomic Virtual Reality Games Chair for Use with VR Headsets – Black

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Product Description

no limitsno limits

Roto Solves Common VR Gaming Challenges!

While stand-up VR can be great fun, most people sit down to play games. This presents some unique challenges.

no more motion sicknessno more motion sickness

The problem:

If you’re sitting stationary, but the digital world spins around (as would be the case using joysticks to turn and move around in a non-mobile gaming chair), motion sickness can occur, ruining your fun and your game. For VR headsets connected to a PC via a cable, you can also have problems turning, due to your cables getting tangled and blocking any movement.


Our solution:

Roto solves both issues with our integrated cable magazines, which allow you to always turn around freely. No more motion sickness, without breaking the VR illusion and all while keeping your cables tidy!

The problem:

VR headsets track the direction you’re looking, but not the direction you’re facing. For stand-up VR this is ok, because developers can get a read from the hand controllers and make a best guess as to which way you’ve turned. It works well enough.

For a seated VR user, this is a much bigger problem. A developer can’t reliably tell whether you’ve turned left, or just looked left. To avoid complications with game controls, most developers avoid the problem altogether.

Our solution:

The term given to solving the disconnect between ‘looking’ and ‘facing’ is called ‘decoupled locomotion’ and is the key to creating realistic avatars and natural movement in VR. The Roto VR chair tracks your facing direction in real time and sends back the data to developers as an ‘input’.

Thanks to Roto’s integrated motor, developers can use the facing direction as an ‘output’, so they can also rotate us around dynamically, giving them the freedom to create full 360-degree experiences without worrying if anything important will be missed.

chair user chair user

You really feel like you’re there!

All these features are integrated into every Roto Gaming Chair to give you a fully immersive VR gaming experience.

Experience VR gaming like never before with the fully interactive VR chair from Roto VR!

With the integrated Touch Pedals, you can walk in first-person games while comfortably seated. The internal tracking sensors accurately measure the direction your chair is facing, giving you a gaming experience with distinct, uncanny realism. Roto VR provides this step-tracking data as both an input and output for developers to use, helping games industry creatives dream up compelling new experiences.

The responsive Double Rumble engine, which can be driven by in-game audio, allows you to feel engine throttle, gear shifts, turbulence, landing gear, and much more, bringing you deeper into a highly immersive and realistic experience. Powerful motors at the back and underside of the chair heighten the sense of presence and immersion.

Aside from these thrillingly innovative features, the Roto VR chair also acts as a great ergonomic gaming chair in its own right, and is sure to keep you comfortable through long gaming sessions full of effortless 360 exploration. With the convenient cable magazines, you’ll be able to ensure reliable HDMI and USB connections between your headset and PC, without having to worry about getting tangled in wires when you move your body.



3 USB data ports (hub)2 USB charging ports24V 2A power for additional accessories such as the TMX 150 Force Feedback Steering Wheel from Thrustmaster (Asia edition), Touch Pedals, Emergency button, and Double Rumble.


step into the game

step into the game

Double rumble

Double rumble

cable magazines

cable magazines

ergonomic design

ergonomic design


Touch pedals with accurate directional sensors come integrated into the roto VR chair as standard, allowing you to ‘walk’ in first-person games while staying comfortably seated.


Roto VR’s rumble effects are driven by in-game audio, and allow you to feel engines, gear shifts, turbulence, landings, and more for a mind-blowingly immersive experience.


Roto VR’s cable magazines maintain the physical wiring connections between your VR headset and PC – enjoy VR gaming without worrying about getting tangled!


Roto VR has been designed especially for virtual reality; a highly ergonomic gaming chair with height adjusters for the arms and a removable headrest for effortless 360 exploration.

A FULLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: VR can feel like an out-of-body experience. You can see the virtual world, but don’t quite feel ‘there’. With Roto VR, the internal motor delivers subtle G-force, reminding your brain that your body is present and magically transporting you into the virtual world. Roto VR literally sweeps you off your feet, removing the last trace of reality.
FEEL IT ALL: Roto VR’s rumble effects are driven by in-game audio. Feel every engine throttle, acceleration, gear shift and crash, as if you’re in the plane, racing car or rollercoaster via powerful motors on the back and underside of the chair. Touch Pedals, with accurate directional sensors, allow you to ‘walk’ in VR, while comfortably seated. Exciting – especially with added rumble effects!
PLAY IN COMFORT: The Roto VR chair has been designed especially for virtual reality, to make 360 degree exploration comfortable and effortless. Featuring height adjustable arms and a removal headrest to ensure the perfect set up for your VR experience. It’s a great ergonomic gaming chair and sure to keep you comfortable through long gaming sessions.
TURN FREELY FOR 360 EXPLORATION: There’s nothing more irritating than not being able to turn your chair because your cables are in the way. Our integrated magazine cables keep the cables between your PC and VR headset tidy, so you can move freely, while maintaining connection. Enjoy uninterrupted VR gaming without getting tangled!

Roto VR Motorized Interactive Gaming Chair – Fully Immersive Technology – Auto Turns Where You Look – Ergonomic Virtual Reality Games Chair for Use with VR Headsets – Black
Roto VR Motorized Interactive Gaming Chair – Fully Immersive Technology – Auto Turns Where You Look – Ergonomic Virtual Reality Games Chair for Use with VR Headsets – Black
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